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Simple Searches
The simplest search is a one-word or an exact-match search. For example, to search for Public Notices relating to an election, simply type the word "election" into the SEARCH KEYWORDS textbox. The results will list Public Notices, from all publications, that contain the word "election" anywhere within the text. Note: Searches are not case-sensitive.

Advanced Search

Searching Phrases
Searching phrases is one way to narrow the results shown. For example, to only see results that contain a specific phrase containing the word election, such as “2010 General Election,” check the EXACT PHRASE function and enter "2010 General Election" in the SEARCH KEYWORDS textbox.

Searching Multiple Words
In addition to keywords or complete phrases, searches can return the presence of multiple words, or even multiple phrases occurring in a Public Notice. For example, to find notices that contain the number “2010” and the word “election” anywhere in the Public Notices, enter “2010 Election” in the SEARCH textbox, select the ANY WORD function and then click search icon.

Excluding Words
Another helpful tip in searching is using the EXCLUDE function. For example, to search for the words "Grace Period" and exclude expected results, such as "SB 2925," then search: "Grace Period" EXCLUDE "SB 2925."

Refine by Publication
It may be helpful to search for Public Notices originated by only one or a select few publications within a certain county or city. This may be accomplished by simply selecting the individual publication(s), county(s) or city(s) in the lists to narrow the results.

Refine by Date
To narrow the search results by the corresponding publication date, simply refine the search by selecting one the following options: In the last X Days (X=Number of days before today’s date), OR past Y weeks (Y=Number of weeks before today’s date), OR Z months (Z=number of months before today’s date). To specify an exact date of publication or a simple date range, click the DATE RANGE function and select the corresponding dates.